Attract Clinical Trials. Collaborate with Peers. Enhance Local Research.

Attract Clinical Trials. Enhance Local Research. Collaborate with Peers.

Research your own patient population

Attract more industry-sponsored trials

Increase your funding of local research and development teams through increased sponsorship from biopharma companies.

Collaborate with peer institutions

Collaborate with peer institutions

Participate in multi-site research with other healthcare organizations, without having to expend precious resources to normalize your data to an external standard.


Research your own patient population

Allows your principal investigators to better understand the target patient population to aid in the development of a study protocol.

The TriNetX Network

Bringing together healthcare organizations, biopharma and CROs.

Local Research

Principal investigators at healthcare organizations can research their own patient populations.

Collaborative Research

Principal investigators at healthcare organizations can form collaborative networks with peer institutions and research the patient population of all collaborators.

Industry Research

Investigators can research all sites on the health research network.


As a healthcare organization, TriNetX provides the hardware, implementation, data mapping and training at no cost to you.

TriNetX Live

The industry’s leading cloud-based health research platform.

Gain real-time responses and insights into patient populations.


All PHI remains local.


Compliant with US and international data privacy regulations.


Interoperable terminology mapping.


Simple to use.


TriNetX's Natural Language Processing (NLP) Service

Combining EMR and NLP Data to Deliver the Industry's Most Comprehensive Data Set for Cohort Analysis and Site Selection

We Take Security Seriously

All sites are under either business associate agreements (BAA) or appropriate international legal frameworks. The TriNetX platform has been expertly reviewed to ensure that our governance rules and policies meet or exceed the HIPAA standard.

Our dedicated security and compliance team oversees data governance to prevent exposure of PHI/PI. Your patients are only re-identifiable by you.